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What is coolant?

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Coolants functions:

The purpose of coolant is to control the temperatures of fluids and various engine parts in all weather conditions.
It is a special fluid with additives, because it needs to remain liquid at very low temperatures (below 0°C), but must not evaporate at very high-temperatures (above 100°C). It also needs to have anti-corrosive properties in order to protect the metallic surfaces of the engine's various parts. And another of its less well-known purposes is to keep your vehicle's passenger compartment warm

When change coolant?

Over time, this liquid will gradually get used up, and so it should be checked on a frequent basis – every 3 to 6 months.

Coolant level:

If you notice a rapid fall in the quantity of this liquid, there is a leak in the circuit and we recommend that you go and see your garage mechanic quickly.
In order to check the level of this liquid, it is vital that your car be parked on a flat surface. The engine must be cold – i.e., it must have been switched off for several hours – so as not to skew the readings and avoid any risk of splashing or burns if you have to open the filling cap.
Refer to your user manual in order to locate the coolant filling reservoir. It is made of transparent plastic and has 2 "Maximum" and "Minimum" markers. It is essential that the liquid’s level be between these two markers.

  • If the level is below the "Minimum" marker, top it up with the coolant recommended in your service manual. Otherwise, you will risk your engine being insufficiently cooled – i.e., it may overheat, requiring you to switch off the engine immediately and resulting in damage to the various parts.
  • If the level is above the "Maximum" marker, some of the liquid will need to be removed with a syringe or suitable pump. Otherwise the cooling circuit will be over-pressurised, which may result in hot fluid being splashed out while you are using your engine.


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