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How to change a motorcycle oil filter

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The oil filter serves as a barrier to out keep the impurities (metal, etc.) that end up in the engine oil as result of mechanical parts rubbing together and engine wear.
There are several types of oil filter on the market: cartridges or filters which are incorporated into the engine casing (whole block: filters + cartridges).


To change the oil filter on your motorcycle, follow the advice for changing the engine oil. While the oil is draining out, loosen the filter using an appropriate spanner (oil filter spanner) and then wait until all of the oil has drained out. Then remove the filter and the seal.
Clean and then install the new filter, ensuring that the seal is lubricated with some of the new oil. This will ensure that it is oil-tight, while at the same time preventing the seal from becoming worn and corroded.


If you use cartridges, you only need to unscrew the cover and then pull out the filter. You should then replace the seal by a new, lubricated one and clean the case before inserting the new filter.


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